Contrary to appearances this is not my first site, though it has been the easiest to set up by far!

I think the first site I had was a PHP based image catalog. Before the days of Flickr if you wanted to have your photographs or images online you had to host it yourself.

Some time later I put a whole lot of content into a Wiki site. I don’t recall the name of it but I have the content backed up. Maybe I’ll post some of it if there’s anything interesting.

After that I hosted a WordPress site at hostmonster called “”. I had some good content in there which is probably backed up on a CD somewhere. I don’t have a working CD drive anymore. Getting that data is going to have to be a future project. One thing I did find was the logo I made for that site which looks strangely like the GitHub Octocat:

isimon logo

Well I hope this site will last longer than those did. I’m starting this now because I do have some content I’d like to get out there. I’ve also been inspired by a friend of mine who has been producing some great content (Cory Zue).